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Italian Soda Bar

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I recently helped put on a Women’s retreat for my church. We set up a self-serve Italian soda bar, which was a really fun addition. Having a birthday party, bridal shower, or graduation party? Add an Italian Soda bar – it’s not only delicious, but really fun as well.

How to set up your own Italian Soda Bar

1. Gather your supplies

  • Club Soda or Sparkling Water (estimate about 1 liter per person)
  • Flavored syrups – choose from a variety of fruity flavors – it’s fun to mix and match. You find these in most grocery stores and online.
  • Ice – I recommend each guest fill their cup about half-way with ice. We purchased two large bags of ice for 50 guests and it was plenty.
  • Disposable cups (12-ounce or 16-ounce capacity) or clear plastic cups for guests to build their Italian sodas
  • Straws (you can find cute straws to match your theme)
  • Cream/Half & Half or Non-dairy cream (I used Oatly full fat oat milk because that is all I could find, and it was delicious!)
  • Whipped Cream – For 50 guests, we used 2 large size cans of Whipped Cream
  • Optional – Maraschino Cherries

2. Display and Serving Supplies

  • Tablecloth or table runner
  • Beverage dispensers for the Club Soda (optional)
  • Carafes for the cream/half and half (optional)
  • Labels for the Carafes and Beverage dispenser
  • Pumps for the syrups (optional)
  • Ice buckets or coolers to keep the ice readily available
  • Napkins or cocktail napkins

3. Set up your Italian Soda Bar

  • Choose a table or area where guests can easily access the supplies.
  • Set out the soda water and syrup bottles, along with cream, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, cups, ice, and straws.
  • Provide instructions: Make sure guests know how to make their own Italian sodas. Here is a free printable with instructions.

Free Printable Make your own Italian Soda Instructions

With these steps, your self-serve Italian soda bar is sure to be a hit at your party!

Have you ever hosted an Italian Soda bar or been to a party or event with one? What are your favorite flavor combinations? Let me know in the comments.

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