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How to Make a Beanie Boo/Beanie Baby Tag Necklace

TY Beanie Boo Beanie Baby Printable tag

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Updated October 2023

This post was originally published in 2022, but the printable tag has been updated.

Remember when Beanie Babies were all the wildest rage? I was a little too old for that, and my kids were a little too young. But when my kids were little something else came along – Beanie Boos. They saw those big-eyed sparkly eyed pets everywhere we looked. Hence their love for Beanie Boos was born. My kids LOVE Beanie Boos and love getting new ones to add to their collections.

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One year my daughter wanted to be a Beanie Boo cat for Halloween, so I made this printable tag necklace. It can be used for a Beanie Baby or Beanie Boo Costume. (Apparently the tags have changed and evolved over the years. I kept this one super simple!)

Please enjoy this printable and let me know if you use it in the comments!

Free Beanie Boo/Beanie Baby Tag Printable for Necklace

Note – these are intended for personal use only.

Steps to Make Beanie Boo/Beanie Baby Tag Necklace

  1. Print out the tag on a piece of plain white card stock. (Multiple sizes to choose from).
  2. Cut around tag.
  3. Punch a hole in the left corner.
  4. Loop a ribbon, necklace, or lanyard through the hole.

Ideas to use the Beanie Boo Tag Necklace

  1. Halloween costume
    • You can dress up like your favorite Beanie Boo. See my daughter’s Beanie Boo cat costume here.
    • Find an animal costume or onesie and add the Beanie Boo tag. You are now a Beanie Boo! You can add round glasses or face paint for the big eye effect.
  2. Halloween Costume for a Dog
    • Just print out the Beanie Boo TY tag and add it to your dog’s collar or leash. Instant Beanie Boo costume. (Just make sure they don’t chew on it).
  3. Beanie Boo Birthday Party
    • Print out a tag for each party guest, add some animal ear headbands, and voila – everyone is a Beanie Boo.
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Do your kids like to collect Beanie Boos or Beanie Babies? What are your favorites? Any other ideas on how you would use this tag? Let me know if you end up using it and send me a picture in the comments!

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