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Beanie Boo Halloween Costume

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My daughter gets excited every year for what her Halloween costume is going to be. The day after Halloween, she starts thinking about what she wants to be the following year. She usually changes her mind multiple times, so I don’t actually start helping her with her costume until a few weeks before Halloween.

For some reason she is never happy with a costume that I can just find at a store or order online. Last year she wanted to be a Beanie Boo Cat. Of course, this costume didn’t exist anywhere. So this is what we came up with.

The Inspiration & The Final Result

Steps to Create This Beanie Boo Cat Costume

  1. Start with a black cat costume. You could also use a black sweatshirt and black pants and get a separate cat headband.
  2. Sew green felt onto the ears and front.
  3. Decide between face paint or Beanie Boo glasses. I found this mask set that had the same color green for the eyes – so we used those from the kit to make glasses. (My daughter is not a fan of face paint!)
  4. Get a beanie boo tag. We first tried sewing an actual Beanie Boo tag to the ear of the costume, but it kept coming out. So we decided on the necklace option instead. I created a free printable here. (Note – it can be used for a Beanie Baby or Beanie Boo Costume).

Supplies to Make Your Own Beanie Boo Cat Costume

round costume glasses
Black Cat Costume* This is similar to the cat costume we used.Beanie Boo Goggles/Glasses
(Similar to what we used – could add green paper around them to look like Beanie Boo eyes)
Face Paint
green feltblack glovesgirls black boots
Green FeltBlack GlovesBlack Boots
ty beanie baby beanie boo printable tag
Red Ribbon Lanyard (These come in packs of 10)Free Printable Tag

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My daughter loved her Beanie Boo cat costume and it was nice and warm for trick-or-treating. Halloween is only two weeks away and I’m still not sure what she wants to be this year. Maybe I can convince her to be a certain Beanie Boo cat again. 🙂

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