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Inkling Girl Splatoon 2 Costume

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Here is my daughter’s Halloween costume. She loves Splatoon 2 on the Nintendo Switch (her favorite game ever) and decided she wanted to be her character this year. There are many different weapons and outfits to choose from. I was able to buy a few pieces for her costume and had to make a few pieces.

The Inspiration

inkling girl splatoon 2 inspiration halloween costume

The Final Result

splatoon 2 inkling girl squid kid halloween costume.

The Ink Tank

Here are the steps I took to make the Ink Tank.

  1. Find a large water bottle. I found this one at TJ Maxx and was so happy with the super large size – perfect for an ink tank.
  2. Cut out construction paper in the color of your choice. My daughter decided to go with purple. Make wavy lines in the top to make it look like paint. Tape together and place inside the water bottle.
  3. For the ink indicator lines on the outside of the bottle, you can either paint them on, use a sharpie, or print on waterproof labels. I already had these waterproof labels so that is what we did.
  4. Turn your ink tank into a backpack. I had some material and buckles left over from a different project. This kit from amazon would work as well. I put two pieces of fabric around the water bottle on the top and bottom. (Make sure they are on tight so it doesn’t slide). Then create loops with the buckles and sew it down. Place the loops through the pieces of fabric on the water bottle. Voila – a backpack ink tank!


There are so many different outfits and weapons to choose from. Below are some simple ideas to put a costume together. You can wear any exercise pants or shorts and colorful tennis shoes. For weapons, you could paint a nerf or water gun the colors you want. Or get a paint roller or paint bucket! My daughter decided she didn’t need a weapon and was super happy just carrying her ink tank around.

splatoon hat etsy
Splatoon Hat – No longer sold. Here are similar results from Etsy.Inkling Eye MaskSplatoon Zinc T-shirt
Large Water Bottle (For Ink Tank)Black Webbing and Buckle Kit for Backpack Ink TankWaterproof Labels
World of Nintendo Splatoon Splattershot (This is from the first Splatoon game)Small Paint Roller (You could paint the handle or leave as-is)Small Paint Bucket (You can paint or leave as-is)

Final Thoughts

This was a really fun project. My daughter is so happy with how it turned out. She has been wearing it around the house since I finished it.

Update October 2022:

My daughter decided to be an Inkling Girl once again for Halloween. We took some pieces from her original costume, and added in a new t-shirt and Steam Punk goggles. Look how proud she is! You can’t see from this photo, but she used the same ink tank as before. She got so many compliments on her costume, especially since Splatoon 3 just came out.

turf wars splatoon tshirt, splatoon inkling girl costume, splatoon halloween costume

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