Secret Honeymoon – Part 2 – The Reveal

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I booked a secret honeymoon for my friends Molly and Simba. (Read more about that here). I tried to think of a creative way for them to find out where they are going. I decided the wedding reception was the best place – guests could find out along with the happy couple.

There are a lot of details that go into planning a vacation, let alone a secret honeymoon! I put together a packing list ahead of time with important details (get a new bikini!).

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Then I went to work putting together all the information about their trip. I wanted to make sure they had everything they needed for a safe, fun trip. I typed up their itinerary, important info (how to get from the airport to the hotel!), a “honeymoon-at-a-glance” sheet, and a sign they could hold up.

honeymoon at-a-glance sheet
This sign was made using PicMonkey

The wedding fell on a Saturday in October. Where we live the weather can be very iffy. We ended up with the most gorgeous fall day, and the wedding was held outside. After a beautiful wedding, I handed the bride and groom a large packet with all the honeymoon info. Everyone gathered around and tried to guess where they were going as they opened the envelope. You’re going to Cabo San Lucas! To an all-inclusive, ADULTS ONLY resort!!

They were thrilled with what I had picked for them! I had numerous wedding guests come up to me at the reception and ask questions about the resort (Pueblo Bonito Pacifica) and rave about Cabo San Lucas. I even got asked, “Oh, are you the travel agent?” No – planning trips is just a hobby.

Now that all the planning and reveal was over, my job was done. I couldn’t wait for Molly and Simba to go on their honeymoon. Read on to see how their trip was.

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