Planning a Secret Honeymoon! – Part 1

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My friend Molly recently got engaged.  They decided to have a short engagement, and in the interest of time, Molly delegated a lot of wedding duties to her friends.  Pamela – will you do flowers?  Cara – will you be in charge of the venue? Ginny – will you take care of all the details? Ramah – will you plan our honeymoon?  And keep it a surprise? YES!

As Molly talked to people about the idea of going on a secret honeymoon, she got mixed reviews. Some people thought it was the best idea ever. Others thought it was the WORST idea ever. “How could you not want to know where you are going??” Molly was so excited about the idea – she loved the thought of getting ready for the wedding, and then just having bags packed and going somewhere fun and unexpected.

I love traveling, and almost as much as I love traveling is actually researching and planning trips.  My friends joke that I get a little obsessed when it comes to finding hotels and deals. 

I asked Molly some basic criteria (hot or cold? How many days?  Do you have passports?) and got to researching.  This is Molly’s second wedding, and after she gets married she will go from 2 kids to 4 kids overnight.  I knew that getting away from it all, spending time together as a married couple and NOT hearing a bunch of screaming kids would be the best vacation. 

I haven’t been to Mexico since I graduated from college (quite a few years ago) ? and I know there are some areas that are not safe to visit.  I did research on the U.S. State department travel site and found that Cabo San Lucas was safe, and I know a number of people that have gone in the last couple of years and love it.  I decided to see if there are any all-inclusive resorts that would fit the budget, would be nice and get good reviews.

I narrowed it down to a couple, and then I started looking at airfare.  Yikes!  I started to wonder if there was an event going on because the prices were so much higher than I was expecting.  Now we were getting down to the wire and our mutual friend started asking me “Have you booked the honeymoon yet?”  No pressure.  It just has to be amazing and with good weather and be a magical incredible time, and it has to stay a surprise! ?

TripAdvisor (my go-to place for reading reviews) had a lot of resorts in Cabo San Lucas that got great reviews.  I decided on the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort. It fit the budget, got excellent reviews, looked amazing, had availability, and bonus – it was adults-only and all-inclusive.

Find out about the honeymoon reveal and highlights from their trip.

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It just has to be amazing and with good weather and be a magical incredible time, and it has to stay a surprise!

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