Maui Vacation on a Budget With Kids

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When I got married 17 years ago, we took a honeymoon to Kauai.  Everyone told us you couldn’t go wrong with Hawaii.  While the island WAS lush and green, we unfortunately went the week that had torrential downpours.  (We figured out why the island was so green – all that rain!)  We still had a good time, but over the years didn’t have a huge desire to go back to Hawaii.

We have taken a lot of different vacations but Hawaii was never on our list. After two different friends got back from Maui and raved about their time, we decided to give it a try. We ended up going in late January of 2019.

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Trip Details

We stayed in Kihei in an Airbnb condo. This worked out better for us than a hotel because our kids don’t want to share a bed, and we don’t want to all be cramped in one room. (And can’t afford a huge suite at a fancy resort). We also like having a lot of space and a full kitchen to cook in.

Because we were able to save money by renting a condo and cooking some of our own food, we didn’t feel guilty about paying for different excursions.

Our Favorite Activities/Excursions


Beautiful Maui sunset, maui hawaii vacation on a budget with kids
Gorgeous Maui Sunset

Favorite things to do with kids in Maui that don’t cost any money:

  • Walking along the fancy resorts in Wailea (Wailea beach walk – warning – it can be long with kids)
  • Building sand castles on the beach
  • Walking on the beach
  • Listening to the waves crash
  • Walking around old town Lahaina and looking at the huge Banyan trees
  • Swimming in your hotel/pool condo
  • Sitting on your balcony/by the pool/on the beach and read a book

Verdict – we had a great time in Hawaii and not only highly recommend it, we can’t wait to go back!

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